Features of cash-in-transit trucks for banks

Features of cash-in-transit trucks for banks

If you are looking to buy cash-in-transit truck for your financial institution, there are a lot of things you have to take into consideration. Your cash movement depends on the quality of transportation as it ensures the safety of your assets on the road. Over the past few years, many companies are manufacturing armoring trucks for banks and other financial institutes. Here, in this article, you will read some important features that cash-in-transit vehicles should have.

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Armor Features:

  • A cash-in-transit truck should armor from six sides like doors, front, roof, sidewall, floor, and rear.
  • Galvanized steel is used to cover the vehicle body that protects against bullets, but the level of galvanized ballistic steel depends on the customer’s needs.
  • These vehicles have a front passenger door, single rear door, and Armored driver door.
  • They have bullet-resistant windows; speak screens, gun ports, and rear cargo area, and a bulkhead partition.
  • There is an L-Shaped protective cage in the car, which is called a messenger seat.
  • Windshields and window glass are bulletproof and even resist AK-47.
  • There is a gun port under all the windows.
  • There is polished aluminum that acts as keyguards.

Comfort Features:

  • These vehicles have additional AC and heaters for the compartment.
  • Armored Trucks consist of circulation fans that have 12 volts.
  • There is a facility of a roof air vent and in front of the rear compartment
  • Roof lights are at the rear side and front.

Safety and security features:

These trucks are also equipped with safety features that are as following

  • There are two fire extinguishers in a vehicle; one is in the rear compartment and the other on the front.
  • These vehicles have D.O.T safety equipment.
  • All seats have safety belts.
  • There is a door open security system on all doors.
  • Armored Truck is equipped with high-quality security lock systems that prevent accidental opening.

Other features:

  • All exterior is equipped with stainless steel
  • You can increase galvanized ballistic steel according to your needs.
  • There is no spall glass
  • Cash in transit vehicles and SWAT armored vehicles have an electronic door system
  • They also have a dual lock system
  • These vehicles are equipped with an interlock system
  • Currency safe
  • DVR recorders, cameras, and another monitor system
  • E track system and cargo control
  • Custom installed decals and designs
  • Safe and secure cashing drawers and safes
  • Generators