Ways to make sure your campaign is not wrong

Corporate gift items in Dubai are used to grab the new audience and to retain the previous ones. If you are going to promote your brand then promotional gifts Dubai are one of the famous tactics to use. In this tactic you have to introduce a gift item along with the purchase of your product. Make sure that the gift item should be useful enough that people want to get that. If you are providing useless things then no one will going to attract. With the increase awareness of environmental friendly products, if you introduce anything that will help in saving the environment then people will see this as a great initiative and they will try to get your products. Following are some products which you can offer to increase your sales and your loyal customers:

Reusable bags: You can provide reusable tote bags which are environmental friendly. These bags should be of jute or canvas so that people can avoid using plastic bags which are a great harm for the environment. These bags should be strong enough to carry some weight and must be durable enough that people can use them for few months or until the campaign ends. If the bags tear down before that then it will give a negative impact on the brand image so you have to give contract for bags to a good company.

Seed packs: Trees are the main requirement of today’s high pollution and environment change. If people grow more trees then we can overcome the problem of pollution and for this purpose you can introduce packs of seeds with your products. Make sure that the seeds you are going away should be in good condition and they are of plants which grow easily in different circumstances. If you give seeds of plants which need too much care and a particular place then people might fail to grow them and then they will think that you provide them wrong seeds. Other than this you have to print the instructions on the pack so that people will know about the growing conditions and care. Provide seeds that will help in cleaning the environment and you can also provide seeds of fruit plants but they are a bit difficult to take care of.